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Soothe your nerves and
Pamper your mind

Relax, Rejuvenate, & Recharge at AK SPA HK

Why AK Spa relaxing is so important
There’s no doubt that today’s modern lifestyle can be stressful. Between work, family, and social obligations, it can be hard to make time for yourself. But it’s important to find the time.

AK Spa Relaxing can help keep you healthy, in both your body and mind, helping you recover from the everyday stresses that life throws at you. Luckily, no matter how busy you are, it’s simple to learn how to create time for chilling and also how to best relax.

Our Services

Classic Body Massage
60 mins - $390
90 mins - $450

Body Scrub & Massage Treatment
90 mins - $550

Four Hand Massage
90 mins - $950

Outcall Massage
90 mins - $850

Tips is not included.


Professional Sport Massage or Fascia Blade Therapy (筋膜刀)
60mins - $690
90mins - $850

Eyebrow microblading (男士飄眉)
$3400 (appointment before 14:00)
$3600 (appointment after 14:00)

Brazilian Waxing
$300 - $3500 (by enquiry)


Admission fee $200 
*Admission fee to be waived if you purchased
  any service from us.


Addis (Brand new masseur) 

Young and sunshine boy who looks very energetic and charming. He is a sport and gym lover who has a defined muscles and gym fit body. His cheerful personality and good figure will definitely not disappoint you!


Jay (brand new masseur) 
30+/180cm, 67kg
Tall, good looking and sunshine. He has a gym fit and tanned body with defined muscles. Although he is a new masseur, his sincere and positive attitude will definitely make you enjoyable.


Jeff (brand new masseur) 
Young and very handsome who looks childish with cutie faces. He is also a sport lover which makes him got a lean fit and sexy body.


Jimmy (brand new masseur) 
Young, Tall and handsome boy. His manly look will definitely attract to others. He also has a gym fit body with very defined chest and six pack muscles.


Josh (brand new masseur)
Young and handsome boy who has a smart and cutie face. He also has a very soft and charming voice which is very appealing and feeling like the boyfriend.

Rex (brand new masseur) 
Muscular guy with a very sexy body. He is a fitness enthusiast with six packs muscle and also looks gentle. 



Aka (experienced masseur) 
Young and handsome personal trainer who looks cute and his big and defined muscles can definitely attract you. He also has good massage skill who can rejuvenate your body well.

Brian (experienced masseur) 
Manly and very muscular with big chest and shoulder. He is a gym enthusiast with defined six packs muscle. 

Felix (experienced masseur)

Tall and handsome. He has a gym fit swimmer body with defined chest muscles. He is also very good at massage and Brazilian waxing.

Ivan (experienced masseur) 
Young and boyish student with single eye-lid. He is also an outdoor sport lover and got a gym fit body and tanned skin.

Jasper (experienced masseur) 
Tall, handsome and manly. He has a very hot and strong body with defined six-pack muscles. He is also very good at oil massage and body scrubbing. 

Keith (experienced masseur)

Young, handsome and boy who has a gym fit body with defined chest and six packs muscle. He is also a next door boy looks innocent and adorable who can melt someone’s heart.

Kim (experienced masseur)
Young, cute and attractive boy with an innocent face. His muscular and tanned body can shows he loves playing different kind of indoor and outdoor sports. Although he is a student, his superb massage skills can definitely relax your tightened muscles.

Luke (experienced masseur) 
Young and handsome personal trainer. He has a muscular body with very thick thigh and bubble butts. He is specialised in sport massage and stretching. 

Marco (experienced masseur) 
A youthful student who has a gym fit and tanned body. He is very passionate into outdoor sports and gym workout and his cutie and handsome face will definitely melts someone’s heart.

Moses (experienced masseur) 
Young and a sunshine face who looks very hearty and sincere. He is also very muscular with very defined  shoulder, chest and six packs muscles. He also loves outdoor activities with tanned skin.

Rocky (experienced masseur) 
Tall, manly face with beard. He is also very muscular with strong chest and 6-pack abs, very good at sport massage and body scrubbing.

Contact Us

Address: Room 34, 2F, Starlight House, 32-34 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
地址: 香港銅鑼灣禮頓道32-34號
星華大廈2F - 34室

Phone / WhatsApp : +852 98613795
WeChat / LINE : akspahk
Instagram : ak_spa_hk

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